Intellectual Property Protection

A red flag for manufacturing in China is the lax enforcement of Intellectual Property protection laws. Through the years, Source Products Asia has developed a variety of strategies to help you protect your Intellectual Property. Upon consultation, we can advice you on which strategy would best suite your product.

A good example of how we go through the extra measure to protect your intellectual property is that we use multiple suppliers to produce your product components. Instruction manuals, packaging, & finished parts are shipped separately to our Shanghai warehouse to be assembled. No single factory has direct access to all of your product information.

Already during the quotation process, we use this strategy to better protect your Intellectual Property.

Let Source Products Asia advice you on the right strategy for your Intellectual Property protection.


For the projects that require dealing with multiple suppliers, we offer warehousing solutions to speed up the sourcing process, consolidate components, as well as giving added intellectual property protection. Warehousing with us also allows you to ship to multiple destinations.