Manufacturing Hot Spots


China can seem like one large mass of industries. With all the “Made in China” labels, it would seem that any and all companies, regardless of size or experience can have their products successfully produced and exported at limited cost. In reality, choosing a factory to source and produce your products requires extensive research and knowledge. Companies often encounter three pitfalls: sourcing in the wrong sectors, using factories incapable of producing the quantities and quality required, and misunderstanding the cultural differences from region to region.

Without proper footwork, factories can easily take advantage of companies new to the Chinese industrial market. Before making any agreements, knowing the layout of China and the status of your industry are invaluable. Knowledge of local products must be coupled with an understanding of culture, which varies from the traditional, stoics of the north to the more relaxed, straightforward business practices of the south. In a country where relationships and saving face are still paramount to success, ignorance can greatly hurt rapport and therefore the efficiency of your project.

 At Source Products Asia, our well-informed staff does the research for you, so that you maintain a competitive edge on other companies in your industry while also saving time, effort, and frustration.

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