Our Team

Cindy Yu, President. Cindy started Source Products Asia in 2005. Prior to starting the Company Cindy was with Amazonas - a German-based trading company, in charge of their Shanghai office. Before that, she was with one of the worlds’ largest retail operations working in international purchasing. Cindy is a natural leader and an experienced negotiator, who truly believes in finding win-win solutions for her customers and suppliers.

Cindy grew up in a small town in the central China. As a daughter of a school teacher, she was taught the importance of honesty, hard work and fair play, which is reflected in her morals. During her spare time, Cindy likes to read about management, psychology and philosophy. She also finds the time to relax on her balcony and tend to her garden.

Matthias Heller, Product Manager & Designer. Matt is in charge of the technical department, overseeing product development and quality management. Prior to joining Source Products Asia, Matt was also with Amazonas as a product manager and in-house designer. Before that, he was a toolmaker for a Swiss manufacturer of high-precision stamping tools in Japan.

Matt has more than 11 years of experience working abroad - in a multitude of countries. His mechanical engineering base is complimented by his former custom furniture practice and German tool-making training.

Matt is passionate about the environment and finding greener solutions. He enjoys learning about latest product design/material trends.

Our Team Members are composed of some of the finest international staff available. Multilingual & multitalented, we are proud of our hard-working staff who all contribute to help our customers realize their projects.

Bridging the Chinese cultural gap is easy when you have Source Products Asia’s staff working for you. We have a good understanding of business demands & practices from Western customers. Our combined experience in international trade & dealings in multiple industries helped our employees develop a keen sense of judgment.